How To Order

It is very simple to begin working with us

Only registered users can place orders on our website! To register, you will need to complete a special "Registration Form". All the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to be completed. The information you provide is strictly confidential shall not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. After that you will get access to the customer section (in which we strongly recommend you to read the "Terms & Conditions" and "Frequently Asked Question" pages).

When you are ready to make a first order it is necessary to make an advance payment of the order and inform us about the payment (by sending an email to and the place of delivery of the goods.
Right after we receive your first order and advance payment we will start our work!

Our registered clients have more options and benefits such as:
Full access to data and information in online.
Easy parts search engine and alternative part options.
All orders are controlled by client and can be monitored at any time.
Online financial statement and status of orders are available 24 / 7.
Our support team is always online and at your service.
Immediate notification on any price or quantity changes.
Discount is applicable on monthly turn over increase.

We use a flexible discount system and your price level will depend on the volume of purchases. If your volume of purchases is over 10 000 usd per month we can offer you individual prices and terms of cooperation.

We are ensuring the individual approach to each client. It's the key to success in long-term business partnership. If you have any question, please press "Contact" to get the help.

Having established business relations with us, you also get a reliable partner that is capable of offering you not only a wide assortment of auto parts of the local market, but also an opportunity of accommodation of special orders directly from factories of the manufacturers.

How to Place an Order in our Online Store

Search of spare parts by part number or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
Find a catalogue to select spare parts for your vehicle on the page “Online Catalogues” and follow the link. Search your car on the catalogue page and select the desired auto part. When you click on the catalogue number, you will see search results for auto spare parts. If you know the catalogue number of the desired auto part, you can use the "Search by Part Number" or "bulk search" form on main page. 

How to place an order from the spare parts search results page:
Select a spare part you are interested in and click on “Add to Cart”. Once you have placed all the desired items in the shopping cart, you can submit your order. Please note that in order to purchase the item, you must click on “Make an Order” button in your basket.

Your order will be processed only after payment.
For detailed information about payment methods, please visit the page"How to Pay".

How to monitor the orders

You can monitor the detailed history and statuses of your processed orders on "My Orders"page. You can find the link in the upper menu of our store.

We suggest the different modes of monitoring:
1. All Current ordered positions - shows all the orders, which are currently in process
2. By Statuses of positions
3. By Order number - shows tracking for a particular order
4. By Part number - shows all orders for specified spare part
5. All - shows all orders within specified period

When the order has been shipped already, and post service provides own tracking system, statuses will be changed to "Sent". You will receive to registered with our system email, commercial invoice and tracking number provided by freight-forwarder.

How to Dispatch

We are offering two shipping options:


1. Shipment on request.
The request has to be performed through email, and should be sent at least one day before the required shipping date. Please specify your assigned client's Individual number. Ordered positions with statuses "Ready To Send" on "My Orders" page can be prepared to dispatch. Then You will receive the delivery options by email.

2. Scheduled shipment.
Using this option will make the shipping processes performed regularly with no requests required from your side.To create a timetable for scheduled shipment, please send your request with client's Individual number, preferable freight forwarder service (EMS Express, AIR/Economy, SAL/Economy, FedEx etc..), and days of weeks (Excepting Friday and Saturday) to dispatch.  Ordered positions with statuses "Ready To Send" on "My Orders" page will be prepared and dispatched.

How to get discount level

We use a flexible discount system and your price level will depend on the volume of purchases. If the volume of purchases is over 10 000 USD per month, we can offer you individual prices and terms of cooperation.

Our discount table:


Monthly volume ($)

Margin to level


0.00 USD to 10,000.00 USD



from 10,000.01 USD to 50,000.00 USD



over 50,000.00 USD


* When determining your level and discount, average monthly volume is calculated based on invoices for last 90 days and doesn't include packing and delivery price.

In case of questions, please contact us at